An Original Photocopy of Happiness

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 9.50.00 PM(23 min, fiction, 2011) Written/Directed/Edited by Dechen Roder.

16 year-old Chuni sets out alone in Thimphu town to find the name and identity of her father. Equipped with a small video camera she bravely approaches different prominent men who she “suspects” might be her father, based on clues and conversations with her mother. Recording her encounters with these men on her camera, she hopes to oblige her mother later into revealing his identity. Through her encounters with her suspects, she finds out less about her father, and more about the overwhelming complexities of life.
Festivals/Awards: -Nominated for Best Short Film- Brussels International Independent Film Festival 2011 -Official Selection Vibgyor Film Festival, Kerala, India, 2013 -Special Jury Mention Award- Hong Kong IVFA Awards 2012 – Official Selection IAWRT Asian Women’s Film festival 2012



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