Heart in the Mandala

him diff_2Heart in the Mandala (39 min, fiction, 2013)
Written/Directed/Edited by Dechen Roder, Starring Dechen Wangmo, Tshering Dorji, Kunga T. Dorji, Cinematography by Tshering Wangdi, Sound Design by Benjamin Hoerbe, Co-produced by Dhondup Roder

The Heart in the Mandala is the story of three characters whose lives are shadowed by one dark past. Employing the motif our Buddhist Mandala, the film explores the interconnectedness of love, divinity, fate, choice and the universe.

Produced by Dhondup Roder
Camera: Tshering Wangdi
Sound: Benjamin Hoerbe
Cast: Dechen Wangmo, Kunga T. Dorji, Tshering Dorji

Music: Choeying Jamtsho, Grand Hallway

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