Lo Sum Choe Sum (3 Year 3 Month Retreat)


(20 min, fiction, 2015) Written/Directed by Dechen Roder, Starring Dechen Zangmo, Cinematography by Jigme T Tenzing, Sound Design by Benjamin Hoerbe, Mixed at Rotor Films (Babelsberg)

The traditional “3 year-3 month retreat” or “Lo-sum-Choe Sum” is practiced by Buddhist monks, nuns and other devout practitioners. 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days is calculated as the time needed to achieve a higher state of clarity and motivation. By cutting oneself off from the world, and delving into the inner mind, the retreat is supposed to transform the practitioner. Can Lhamo, a young, wounded girl facing the harsh gaze of the world, find her own form    of retreat? Through her solace and withdrawal, can she find redemption and peace?

lo sum choe sum still

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